Is Opposition to Gay Marriage Unscriptural?

Is Opposition to Gay Marriage Unscriptural? | Queering the Church: “Opponents of marriage equality, and of homoerotic relationships more generally, like to hide their opposition behind distorted and highly selective misreadings of Scripture. In fact, there are far more texts which are supportive of love, and of inclusion for all, and of opposition to judging others, that the handful that even appear to be critical of us. There are even some which can be read as directly criticizing opposition to gay marriage!

“Faith and Pride” describes itself as an organisation for gay Christians, “who have accumulated experience as Anglicans, Catholics, Christadelphians, Methodists, Non-Subscribing Presbyterians, and Presbyterians“.

We’re not about arguing or putting down someone else’s view. We’re putting forward an alternative view.

– Andrew McFarland

That’s an attitude I like.”

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