“Sodom and Gomorrah” & Gay Christians: Three Views

The blogsite “Rebel Theology” has a new series on ““The Gay Christian Question“. Noting that one of the most divisive questions facing contemporary Christians is the question “Can on be both gay and Christian”, they are attempting to provide a dispassionate, exhaustive but easily digestible presentation of the biblical evidence, from both sides of the question.

In this series, they begin with three introductory posts on why this important, and some preliminary matters on how we understand the term “gay Christian”, and how we read the bible:

The Gay Christian Question – A New Series

The Gay Christian Question – 3 Questions for You

The Gay Christian Question – Hermeneutics 101

They then set out to summarize the arguments for and against lgbt inclusion, as presented in four widely quoted books on the subject.

So far they have published four posts, on each of the writers, under the heading “Sodom and Gomorrah”. In fact however, only the first three do discuss the familiar story from Genesis 19, so I exclude it from this listing.

The Gay Christian Question – Sodom and Gomorrah Part One (summarizes the case for lgbt inclusion by  Matthew Vines, of the Reformation Project)

The Gay Christian Question – Sodom and Gomorrah Part Two (summarizes the case against by  James Hamilton Jr, in response to Matthew Vines)

The Gay Christian Question – Sodom and Gomorrah Part Three ((summarizes the case for lgbt inclusion by  the theologian  Daniel A. Helminiak)

The Gay Christian Question – Sodom and Gomorrah Part


Source: “Rebel Theology: the Gay Christian Question

For anyone who already has good knowledge of the subject, the series offers nothing new. But for those struggling to come to terms with the subject for the first time, and especially for those who want to consider carefully both sides of the argument, this is a welcome, well – balanced presentation.

I look forward to the rest of the series, on the remaining relevant texts.

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